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Retro Craft Tools Hazel Flower Loom

peg loom

Did you enjoy making square loomed potholders with yarn loops when you were a child? There are some fun retro crafting tools in circulation, as well as new takes on some of the older ones.

This round Hazel Pearson flower loom from the 1960s was a lucky thrift store find a few years ago. In fact there were two identical looms included in the purchase; the other was gifted to my very clever friend Mary, who seems able to craft anything out of thin air-loom or no!

Check out this page on to see what’s possible with these flower looms-beautiful things that could be used in conjunction with many projects. Apparently the loom was designed originally for use with raffia to make the straw flowers so popular back then, and indeed some beautiful examples are to be seen on

loom flower 3loom flower 2loom flower 1

I’ve not yet made raffia flowers. These simple yarn flowers I’ve made are sewn on casual fabric and knitted bags, but I’ve also used them to jazz up the side of a basic knitted hat.

Clover has some great knitting tools (I have their little counter that I love), and indeed they make a modern version of the flower loom should you desire one and are unable to find an original.

Hazel Loom with instructions I enjoy this compact little vintage Hazel’s Loom down to its lovely pale yellow color! Do you have a favorite old school crafting tool?

Next week I will look at another useful little vintage crafting tool.




3 thoughts on “Retro Craft Tools Hazel Flower Loom

  1. A friend of mine mother passed away, she had all types of craft . Richard gave me this hazel’s Loom RS 200.. after about a year it stuffed in my closet.. I just really looked at it for the first time.. Google it and found your website..

  2. This is so cool! I was looking at different flowers online and came across these flowers I thought were really pretty. So I looked around some more and was searching different brands to see if I could order one. The only ones I found were from the UK. Then I saw your picture of the pale yellow one with all the pegs in the back. I knew i had seen this before. I remembered a box that I had packed up of my grandmothers knitting stuff when she passed away, I looked and found it! All the pegs are there and the clear lid! I am so thrilled that I can start right away. If I hadn’t seen your picture I don’t think I would have made the connection and remembered it!

    1. Laura, I am glad to hear that you found your grandmother’s Hazel flower loom, and hope that you are enjoying it!

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