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Craft Fair Betty 1

I’m thinking about renting a booth space for an upcoming outdoor event here in Downtown Carson City. Doing so would, hopefully, allow me to gauge reactions of so many pairs of eyes, and if I’m lucky, make a few sales. If there’s a tentative feel to this post, it’s because this would be almost a first for me. Many years ago, I accompanied an artist acquaintance to one of those huge festivals in Half Moon Bay, California. He made gorgeous glass and foil earrings, and for this particular event needed to fill a bit of booth space. At the time I was making simple beaded jewelry for gifts to friends and family, and he invited me to bring my stockpiled items along. I was pleasantly surprised when almost all of it sold.  Since then, the most unusual thing I’ve sold are whole wheat peanut butter-chocolate chip muffins at our tiny merch table in a bar for a Betty Rocker show.  At the time, I felt fairly silly making all those muffins, thinking I’d be bringing home way too many of those high-calorie things;  again I was pleasantly surprised when the muffins-turned-cash got to go into the gas tank of the pickup truck to lug all the gear home, over an hour away.
So now I’m thinking about gambling a bit of money for booth space and participating in this event.  I’m curious to see if I’m way off base with my denim mods. If you have a story about debuting something and how it went over, I’d love to hear it.