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Pinning Tip When Working On Ironing Board- Do you use your ironing board to press and pin fabric together in your sewing projects? Isn’t it irritating when those pins catch the soft cover of the ironing board? Check out my one-minute video for the remedy to this very pressing problem!
Easy Loom Knit Wool Infinity Scarf- It’s been a long time, so this first week of 2019 I’m sharing a just-finished, easy-to-make loom knit, wool infinity scarf. I’m not new to loom knitting, but wanted to challenge myself beyond a basic e wrapped hat, so I looked (for the first time) to Craftsy https://www.craftsy.com/ for an easy-to-make project. There I found […]
Little Betty!- Even though my sewing machine is currently packed away while we await the finish of our new place https://buildingasmallhouse.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/first-blog-post/, I’ve begun to seek out small denim items for fun embellishment projects in the near future. I know now is not too early to plan for a couple of 2017 local craft fairs.  I spied these toddler […]
Suitcase Living- We’ve been back in Washington for about two weeks now, and what a blenderful it has been! Not exactly my favorite smoothie, either… It did not take very long for the crummy old rented trailer to turn into the trailer debacle; we have now moved into my mother’s guest room. This has its good and […]
Music On The Road- I’ve decided to write about my relocation experience from Nevada back up to Washington, where I lived prior to Nevada. This move will involve an interim stint in a rented travel trailer while we build a small apartment over a garage to live in. I have no idea how I’ll carry on with music, sewing […]
The Music That Carries Us Through- Lately my head has been a jumble of all the things that come into play when I’m in song writing mode. That means swirling bits of all of the millions of hours of music I’ve ever listened to…I don’t even want to estimate those hours-it probably IS in the millions… The drummer in my band, […]
Studded Guitar Gig Bag- I had a little time this afternoon to do a quick and easy mod to a plain guitar gig bag. Most gig bags have an outer pocket for accessories, and that single layer is easy to go through when attaching studs. I happened to have a few of these unusual star studs and couldn’t resist […]
She Has Funny Hats- Most of the time I seem to have too much on my plate to commit to a major creation, so I lean toward simple ones that can be completed in a single sitting. Alas, this same situation applies to the songs I come up with, but I feel happier completing something rather than nothing, and […]
Single Afternoon Loom Knit Slipper Socks- You can make these comfy, cozy slipper socks in a single afternoon! The really great thing about this easy knitting project is that it’s calming, gives you a chance to catch up on your favorite listening and results in a great handmade gift for a friend! Even if you’re unfamiliar with loom knitting, you can […]
Retro Craft Tools Spool Knitter- Last week I took a look at a favorite vintage crafting tool, The Hazel loom https://bettyrockwear.com/retro-craft-tools-hazel-flower-loom/. This week I am taking a look at another tool I like using in conjunction with small knitting and sewing projects. It is a spool knitter, also called a French knitter. The cute one I have pictured above isn’t vintage […]