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How Short Is Too Short?

I have a terrific fashion guide book from the early 80s, Short Chic by Allison Kyle Leopold and Anne Marie Cloutier.  I’ve been turning to this wonderful book, directed at women under 5′ 4″, for all these years; it’s one of those timeless reference books that applies at any age or stylistic inclination, and indeed there’s much good fashion sense in there regardless of height.

Even so, I  recall scoffing at the authors’ thoughts regarding short skirts for many years. They were of the opinion that short skirts were strictly the domain of the very young, and then only for those with great legs (and what, exactly, do those look like?). Short skirts were summed up, pretty nearly, to be destroyers of credibility for women with perhaps not-so-great, and not-so-young, legs. Back then, and certainly until I hit forty, I wore short skirts of every stripe without apology, thinking I would do so indefinitely-ha!

Thirty years later,  I’m in a thrift store browsing loads of super short skirts and wondering how anyone, at any age, could actually wear these things? Were skirts ever that  short back then? I saw some that I wouldn’t be comfortable in, even over leggings! These days, I’m all right sans hosiery an inch or two above the knee. With winter tights or leggings I’m okay going a bit shorter than that-not much. I won’t presume anyone’s credibility based on their skirt length, but one thing I do know-it does indeed get tougher to pull off a short skirt as we get older without appearing ridiculous.

That day in the thrift store I bought these two very short skirts:

Two Too Short Skirts

After removing the zipper on the plaid skirt, stitching on the outside of the denim and adding a lace panel and trim plus two shiny buttons, I now had this:

Front view denim plaid

Rear view denim plaid

This makes a cool, casual fall or winter outfit with a black sweater, black tights and black shoes or boots, and so easy to do!

So how short is too short? I’d love to read your thoughts on skirt lengths, how they may have changed for you over the years, and how you enjoy wearing them today. Thanks for reading!

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