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Upcycled Studded Denim Wrist Cuffs

Upcycled denim wrist cuffs

I was in the mood to do a small upcycle denim project and removed the wrist cuffs from two pairs of discarded jacket sleeves. I had quite a bit of soft animal print fabric left over from a pair of pajama pants, and black lace salvaged from a couple of vintage slips; the animal print wrist cuffs were easy to put together. The blue/purple themed cuffs are fashioned from a lovely old suit jacket and its gorgeous purple buttons.

Small accessories like wrist cuffs are fun, easy to wear and pack a lot of style punch! What do you think of wrist cuffs?

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How Short Is Too Short?

I have a terrific fashion guide book from the early 80s, Short Chic by Allison Kyle Leopold and Anne Marie Cloutier.  I’ve been turning to this wonderful book, directed at women under 5′ 4″, for all these years; it’s one of those timeless reference books that applies at any age or stylistic inclination, and indeed there’s much good fashion sense in there regardless of height. Continue reading How Short Is Too Short?